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HK MP5k-PDW CO2 177 Caliber BB Air Rifle


Product Information

3.71 Pounds
Overall Length
24.5 Inches
Barrel Length
6 Inches
Barrel Type
Smooth Bore
Airgun Caliber
177 Caliber
Action Type
Stock Type
Power Source
Maximum Muzzle Velocity
400 Feet Per Second
Stock Color and Material
Black Synthetic
Front Sight
Rear Sight


Buy Umarex MP5k Rifle

The HK MP5K-PDW Air Gun features high velocity, 400 fps semi-automatic action from a high capacity 40-shot mag. The repeater has realistic recoil action when shooting BBs from the ultra-realistic barrel. A foldable stock, forearm grip, and drop-out magazine make this one of the most exciting and fun to shoot BB air guns ever created. The KPDW gun weighs in at a lightweight 2.4 lbs. Buy Umarex MP5k Rifle

Nova Weapons   is an online and retail dealer and distribution center based in USA. We specialize in providing quality firearms and accessories to registered buyers. As a Class 3 NFA Dealer, we aim to provide our customers with the best tools for gaming and hunting.We have a fulltime Gunsmith on staff and offer knife-sharpening services at an unbeatable fee. Buy Umarex MP5k Rifle

Please note this is an official H&K replica of a MP5 it is as near dam it as the real MP5. This is classed as an air weapon and shoots metal bb’s (.177).

We are pleased to announce that Solware are one of the main retailers in Europe for the Umarex MP5. We had over 20 backorders just from a picture of release from IWA show in Germany. This has metal parts aswell as abs same as the original weapon.

Here are specs as we know:

Powered by 12g CO2 capsule.

Approx 100 shots per capsule.


Capacity 41 rounds steel BB cal .177 (4.5mm).

Blowback action.

Mainly plastic construction.

Folding/removable stock.

Bayonet lock.

Picatinny rail.

Removable flash hider.

Adjustable sights.

Full safety lock.

Semi-auto action.

Power, less than 7.5 Joules – probably 3.5 – 4 Joules.


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