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Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 Air Rifle


Product Information

6.88 Pounds
Overall Length
49.2 Inches
Barrel Length
21.3 Inches
5 Year Warranty
Airgun Caliber
Action Type
Break Barrel
Stock Type
Power Source
Gas Piston
Trigger Type
Custom Action Trigger
Maximum Muzzle Velocity
Stock Color and Material
Black Synthetic
Front Sight
Rear Sight
Adjustable open
Scope Mounted
Cocking Effort
41 Pounds


Buy Gamo Swarm Rifle

The Swarm Magnum is sure to become the definitive Swarm, taking everything shooters loved about the original and dropping in a revved-up IGT Mach 1 gas piston and Whisper Fusion technology to deliver next-level power as quietly as possible. If noise isn’t a concern, there is also an unshrouded version that delivers all of the same power and quick follow up shot capability. Buy Gamo Swarm Rifle

Featuring some of Gamo’s best technologies, the Swarm Magnum has all the benefits of gas-pistons including easy cocking, smoother shooting, and the ability to fire in cold weather. Once shooters load up their 10-shot rotary magazine, the Magnum can spit .22 cal. pellets at speeds up to 1,300 fps, a  full 300 fps faster than the Maxxim. After every shot, simply break the barrel and the magazine automatically loads the next round into the breech.  This perfected system has been left unchanged for multiple shots as fast as you can cock the barrel. Buy Gamo Swarm Rifle

The Magnum’s stock has changed for the better as well.  Featuring a glass filled nylon synthetic thumbhole stock, the Magnum provides shooters with a comfortable hold in all-weather conditions.  Resting atop the stock is an 11mm Dovetail Recoil Reducing Rail System (RRR), designed to reduce recoil stress on your included 3-9×40 scope.  For crisp trigger pulls, the Magnum features Gamo’s Custom Action Trigger (CAT), an independently adjustable 2-stage trigger.

If you want the most powerful version of this revolutionary multi-shot breakbarrel available, choose the Swarm Magnum!

GA-611006125554 [PY-4560-8896]

Gamo Swarm Magnum .22 cal, Shrouded


Caliber .22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 1300 fps
Muzzle Energy 26.6 ft/lbs
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambi
Color Black


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