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Beretta JMN9S15CTC BU9 Nano 6+1 9mm 3.07″



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Firstly, Beretta JMN9S15CTC BU9 Nano Crimson Trace was design with one goal in mind. Creating the ideal micro-compact pistol for conceal carry and personal defense. Thanks to its thin, snag-free profile, the Nano effortlessly glides in and out of your holster. While its smooth contour and low weight offer you maximum comfort even for all-day carry. Its operation is simple and intuitive, and its modular design gives you several custom options requiring . Buy Beretta JMN9S15CTC Online

Easy to Conceal

Secondly, Whether you like to carry inside the waistband, on the belt or in an ankle holster. The Beretta JMN9S15CTC BU9 Nano will meet and surpass your needs. At less than 1″ wide and just over 5″ overall length. It will disappear for ideal concealment and will not “print” thanks to its flat, low profile. Also, its organic, protrusion-free design will not dig into your body as you carry it.  And its polymer frame. And advanced metal coating will make it highly resistant to sweat–even on hot summer days.

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