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Manufacturer: Beretta
Model: 92FS Inox
Serial Number: L15659Z
Caliber Info: 9mm


Buy Beretta 92fs Stainless

Firstly, The 92 series of semiautomatic pistols operates on a short recoil, delayed blowback system, which yields; faster cycle times, exceptional accuracy and greater reliability. Double/Single action provides a very safe and timeproven design. High-capacity steel magazines are durable and drop-free when the magazine button is depress, even when empty. Buy Beretta 92fs Stainless

Secondly, Chrome-lined barrels provide extreme corrosion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning. Barrels also feature a deeply recessed combat muzzle crown to protect the rifling. INOX version. When Open Slide Design: Open top slide virtually eliminates jamming and stove piping. Allows the user to load and chamber one cartridge at a time should the magazine be lost or damaged.

Thirdly, Disassembly Latch: Simplifies field stripping for maintenance by allowing quick and easy disassembly. Stays on the gun, preventing accidental dropping and loss. However, the Visible Automatic Firing Pin Block. The front par t of the firing pin is block from any forward movement. Until the trigger is pull completely back.


Fourthly, The block is located rearward, far away from the fouling and debris of the breech face. Since the block is visible, the user may ascer tain its proper operation at any time. Even if the pistol falls and strikes the ground muzzle down, the firing pin will not strike the primer. Rear Sight Profile: The rear sight is design to provide a front projection so that in an emergency. The user may retract the slide single-handedly by pushing the rear sight.

Furthermore, External Hammer Design. A traditional feature of Beretta pistols, when this design provides the energy to the firing pin. Virtually eliminating the possibility of misfires due to light primer. Also provides an immediate visual and tactile indicator as to the cocked/uncocked status of the pistol. Light Aluminum Frame: Each pistol features a lightweight. But Forged frame made from extremely strong aircraft-quality aluminum alloy.


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