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Astra 3000


ITEM ID: 19407835
UPC: 9534878296

BRAND: Astra

MODEL: 3000

CALIBER: 9mm Kurt /.380 ACP



SIGHT: Adjustable


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In 1946 Astra introduced the Model 3000, an updated model of the Model 300.  The ergonomics were improve with a swelled bottom grip. The magazine release was move to the left side of the frame behind the trigger. And a load chamber indicator was adds to the rear of the slide. Buy Astra 3000 Online.

It was offered in both .32 ACP and .380 ACP and featured a 4″ inch barrel, a factory blue finish. A thumb safety mounts  on the left side behind the trigger. And checker  black plastic grips. The Model 3000 is 6.25″ inches long, 4″ inches tall, and weighs 1 pound 6 ounces unload.

The Model 3000 was manufacture for ten years until 1956. When it was discontinue in favor of Astra’s new Model 4000 “Falcon”. Despite the ten years it was in production. The total number of Model 3000’s produce was only a little over 44,000. Which makes finding nice clean examples today quite difficult.

This particular example is coded with a “Crown U”. Making it’s date of manufacture 1950. It is a nice all-original gun that is in great shape overall. The blue finish is beautiful on the majority of the gun but shows some light pitting. And finish wear on the left side of the slide and frame from the muzzle to the safety lever.

This is a result of being store in a period leather holster.  As you can see from the pictures, the rest of the pistol has beautiful. Original finish that is both bright and glossy. The bore in this Astra is also bright and clean. There is no pitting, erosion, or visible imperfections of any kind.


The rifling still shows sharp lands and grooves. We have no doubt that this pistol would shoot just as well today. As when it was new in 1950. The original checker black plastic grips are in excellent condition. Both sides are free from any cracks, chips, or repairs. The checkering and Astra logos are still crisp and provide a lot of grip. All of the controls on this Model 3000 are in perfect working order.

The action is nice and tight on the frame and goes into battery perfectly. The safety lever is crisp, the load chamber indicator works perfectly. The grip safety functions perfectly, and the trigger is quite good for a small pistol. This Astra comes with 2 original 7-round factory magazines. Both are in great shape with nice feed lips and strong springs.



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